I work with small businesses, trusts and private clients to produce bespoke artworks with an architectural subject matter. All drawings are drawn to scale from 1 : 20 up to 1 : 200. I produce my own measurements, surveying every detail of the building in order to recreate it's activity faithfully and entertainingly. Works commemorate the humanity of architecture, focusing in particular on places where the building is an extension of the owners personality or key to the attraction or identity of the business.


Pen and Watercolour 140 x 70 cm


The house was built for Thomas Bayly, silk merchant, following the great fire of Marlborough in 1653. The interior, a treasure trove of wall paintings, ornately carved staircases and luxuriously panelled rooms, has been restored to its former glory by the Merchant's House Trust, a community run organisation.


The building is open to the public as a tourist attraction and high quality giftware shop but also houses the Marlborough historical archives, an extensive library and performanance spaces for literary and musical events. The artwork was commissioned as part of an ongoing project aiming to stimulate educational, social and creative activities for its volunteers and the local community.


Pen and Watercolour 130 x 70cm
St John's School houses almost 1500 students. Constructed on the grounds of the old 1960s building, the £26million project was entirely self funded and renamed  'the theatre of the hill'. The building sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is intended to sink into it's context, nestling into the surrounding farmland.
The theatre hosts a number of events and lectures for the public. The painting is one of two works commissioned for the school to commemorate it's opening.



Pen and Watercolour 140 x 60cm


Portland Works is a medium sized factory just south of the Sheffield City Centre. It was built in 1877 as a place of light industry. The building was the first place in the world to manufacture steel cutlery.  It has produced cutlery and tools using highly skilled metal craft processes ever since.


Today it is characterised by the diversity and quality of the products that continue to be made on site by many small businesses (little Mesters). The building is owned by the community and functions as an informal co-operative.  The drawing shows Portland Works in context with Stag works, a converted factory used by musicians and artists. Former residents include the Arctic Monkeys and Def Leppard. The image is one of a series of scale drawings produced as part of 60 page research project for the works.


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